5 Popular Uses for a Pressure Washer

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When you think of pressure washers you might be mistaken for picturing complex industrial cleaning techniques that would simply be far too complicated for any domestic cleaning job.

It turns out that these versatile tools are an absolute joy to apply to all kinds of cleaning jobs that are a little closer to home.

There are literally hundreds of different jobs you could complete efficiently with the help of a pressure washer, so if you haven’t already inducted one into your extensive collection of domestic cleaning tools, here are six examples of cleaning jobs you can carry out in a flash with the help of a handheld pressure washer.

Clean your garden equipment

Once the weather gets a little warmer you might be tempted to head outside and get some gardening done. Whether you decided to clean your gardening tools prior to the start of winter last year won’t mean much at all with the help of a pressure washer.

Instead of having to vigorously scrub away at dirt that’s been left on shovels, rakes, plant pots and wheelbarrows, use the pressure washer to return these tools to their original state quickly and efficiently.

Using freshly cleaned gardening tools is a great way to start your summer and it’ll stop you from feeling the need to stock up on new gardening products every year.

Clean your vehicle(s)

The vast majority of pressure washers are designed to make cleaning your car, van or motorbike as easy as possible. When fully equipped with useful accessories and used alongside specialist cleaning agents, you’ll have no problem getting your vehicle sparkling once again.

Identify any stubborn dirt on the vehicle and use the high-pressure jet to get rid of it once and for all. You’ll need the useful power brush accessory that comes with your pressure washer to ensure your car is spotless before you drive away.

Use the power brush alongside a reliable cleaning agent to guarantee the removal of stubborn dirt.

Clean your garden patio

Patios are a hugely popular feature in gardens across the UK, yet unfortunately they promote the growth of moss when left untreated for a substantial amount of time.

Patio pores are where moss is most likely to thrive, so it’s good to know that pressure washers are designed to target these difficult-to-reach gaps in paving slabs. The high-pressure steam cleaning potential of pressure washers kills of the moss before it can fully grow and also prevents moss from growing further down the line.

For the very best results, ensure the pressure washer is vertical to the patio and take your time moving from one paving slab to another. Try and keep the distance between the patio and the pressure washer to a minimum of 20cm.

Clean your window shutters

You can even clean your window shutters with a pressure washer so that they’re looking good in time for the summer. Remember to lower them completely before you start washing them so that you’re able to thoroughly clean every blade.

Lower the pressure slightly before starting if you’ve used your pressure washer on a vehicle or garden patio beforehand as you won’t need too much pressure for this job. Apply the cleaning agent and start by using the brush head from the top of the shutters.

Once you’ve use the brush head to get rid of all the stubborn dirt, switch to the steam jet for the final wash.

Clean your outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is likely to be heavily affected by the changeable weather in this country as well as damaging pollutants, while it’s not uncommon to forget to store garden furniture away in sheds or garages during the winter.

With the help of a pressure washer and some high quality cleaning agent you can easily get rid of any tough mold or soil that’s appeared on garden furniture over many years.

It’s helpful to use different pressure washer accessories for the best possible clean, while certain pressure washer heads are better suited to certain materials such as wood or plastic.

Whatever domestic cleaning job you need completed, pressure washers are an assured choice that guarantee outstanding results every time. If you’re wondering what other jobs you could get done with the help of a pressure washer, here are a few others we came up with:

  • Bicycles
  • Garden Walls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Terraces
  • Window Sills
  • Balconies
  • Garden Paths
  • Outdoor Stairs